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Lead Work

Experts In Lead Work

Royal Property Maintenance has a wealth of experience when working with lead , we pride ourselves in working to a high professional standard at all times.

We are considered locally to be specialists in all aspects of lead work including traditional heritage lead work, repair work, renovation and restoration work as well as new build lead work.

Due to the recent increase in lead costs and the well advertised lead theft problems here at Royal Property Maintenance we also offer a quality range of lead theft protection products to defend you against these problems.

These products can include DNA Grease and the Smart Water product both of these products act as an excellent repellent to any opportunist thieves.

We have in the past also supplied lead substitutes, such as EASY LEAD, a low cost flashing product that can be used as a replacement for lead, this can be used on both pitched and flat roofs with the added advantage of having no scrap value so the would be thief is not interested in your roofing product, something to consider.

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